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Why Choose Fame Frenzy?

The celebrity gossip newswire market in South Africa has a significant gap, with most content focusing on US and European celebrities. Our research indicates a strong appetite for local and African celebrity content, which Fame Frenzy aims to satisfy. Besides, our competitive pricing and tailored content give us a distinct advantage over existing services.

The allure of celebrity gossip and trending topics from across the globe continues to be a significant driver for traffic in the media sector. This genre of news often garners high engagement levels, particularly among younger audiences who are heavily engaged in digital media platforms.

Fame Frenzy aims to make our content more African-centric, with emphasis on local and African celebrities. All content is checked against quality checks, such as spelling, grammar, fact checking and meticulous research. We offer affordable packages, targeted at a specific audience as requested from the client. We provide published ready content which means you save time and manpower.

Our multimedia offering will keep you one step ahead with ready to publish videos for social media channels. Clients can access our pool of writers, editors, and multimedia producers on a fractional basis and tap into our talent pool as needed for specific projects.

Packages we currently offer:

Starter Buzz

Buzz Builder

Content Powerhouse 

All three contain the following:

  1. Short, punchy articles ranging from 250 – 350 words
  2. SEO-friendly copy and headlines
  3. Access to basic multi-media videos
  4. Content tailoring – choose from various content categories. Eg: British royals, Bollywood, SA celebs, Travel, Health

Our Offerings

Future plans include spreading out to the rest of the African continent, and bringing in talent with connections in the entertainment world as well as fashion, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and health content.


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